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November 7th 2015

National Art Galery | Vilnius | Lithuania

The concert at the National Art Gallery was highlighted by two famous and influential pieces from the 20th century – David Lang’s piece Press Release (1992) and Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union (1975).

The pieces are a good reflection of the conflicting environment of the academic and underground music scene in the late 20th century.

David Lang’s piece was written for solo bass clarinet (performed by Artūras Kažimėkas) and represents the American Post-Minimalist tendencies – the work encompasses academic, jazz and rock music.

The Worker’s Union piece by Louis Andriessen is written for any loud-sounding group of instruments and requires a tremendous amount of precision and skill from the musicians. It is a piece that has a machine-like quality, with strong political undertones instilled by the composer. According to Louis Andriessen himself, the piece will be a success only if each performer plays his part with a conviction that it is the most important, just as in any political work.


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