> Karolis Variakojis


His first step toward professional musicians was made in 2010, time when he finished Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis art school as a violinist and conductor. He then started studies in Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy and in 2014 he has been graduated bachelor degree for orchestral conducting; in 2016 has been graduated master degree for orchestral conducting, too.

In March, 2013, he founded Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis. This ensemble is his major activity in the recent years as a conductor and musician, where Karolis is a conductor and an artistic director.

As a conductor and head of the ensemble, he made various types of projects. In 2013, he organised contemporary music evening in Lithuania Music and Theater Academy. In the same year, he arranged workshops and a concert with Dutch sound artist Yannis Kyriakides at the Conteporary Art Center (CAC), in collaboration with Ensemble Synaesthesis.

In 2014, he organised the Site Specific Performance in Vilnius Art Academy in collaboration with composers Ethan Braun (JAV), Andrius Arutiunian (NL/ LT) and Dominykas Digimas (LT). In the upcoming winter he organised a concert in the Art Printing House in Vilnius.

As a conductor and leader of the Ensemble Synaesthesis he has participated in various festivals and concerts in Lithuania and Netherlands. As a conductor and 20th century music teacher he works in Alytus music school.