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> Marta Finkelštein


Marta Finkelštein is a Vilnius-based pianist and music curator. In recent years, her main focus was the development of the contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis - creating a meaningful platform for instrumentalists, composers and artists from a wide array of fields to develop sonic projects.

Marta combines her theoretical and practical interests in her studies of curatorial potential in the field of music. She finished a music curating course at The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Basel and at the moment is working on her artistic doctoral thesis at Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy. 


Her solo and ensemble performance geography is widely spread through Lithuania and Europe, closely related with her interest in presenting conceptually unanimous programming. Mentionable examples of programs curated and performed by Marta - Piano Hero, as the sun will always rise, Shivers, Cool People Playing Strange Music, Nymphology, Forest. Sound Ecology and many more presented in the context of Synaesthesis ensemble. 

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