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dive into sonic celebration

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Vilnius City Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis has a growing reputation within the contemporary music world. This team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues.


Experiencing colors as sounds, or shapes as tastes, or feeling something in one part of the body when a different part is stimulated...

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Composers' Platform: Andreas Trobollowitsch

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"In reviewing Synaesthesis’s creative work up till now there are no doubts that this is the Lithuanian new music ensemble that is the most striking and the most engaged in the performance of contemporary music. Over the five years of its existence the collective has already attracted attention not just in Lithuania but also abroad."

Mindaugas Urbaitis,  Lithuanian Music Link magazine, 2018

„We could say that it is easy to become pioneers in Lithuania, but phenomena of Synaesthesis evokes respect. They knew what they want, they found their niche and during short time became unprecedented in Lithuania high level ensemble.”

Raimonda ŽiūkaitėLiterature and Art magazine, 2017

"Synaesthesis Ensemble is not an ensemble in the truest sense of the word, but rather a band that plays contemporary classical music. Their determination and visible unity create a mutual synergy which is reflected in their works. Maybe this is a good way to present contemporary music to listeners – through the character of old forms mixed with modern electro-acoustic."

Peter Crypich,  Melos-Ethos Festival, Bratislava, 2017

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