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Upcoming Events
Fri, Aug 14
Kintų bažnyčia
Miške. Garso ekologija
Music by: Yiorgis Sakellariou, Beata Juchnevič, Kevin Lang, Justina Šikšnelytė
Fri, Aug 28
Location is TBD
Music by: Agnė Matulevičiūtė, Monika Sokaitė, Juta Pranulytė

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Founded in 2013 by conductor Karolis Variakojis and composer Dominykas Digimas Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis has a growing reputation within the contemporary music world. This team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues.


Experiencing colors as sounds, or shapes as tastes, or feeling something in one part of the body when a different part is stimulated...


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Dominykas Digimas from another point of view 

"Ensemble Synaesthesis is an ensemble built of young daring musicians wanting to do something new in the Lithuanian scene. It is a very noble move indeed, and the ensemble sure do have the energy to give it a bloody good shot."

Ben Lunn, Baltic Musical Gems, 2016

„<...> Synaesthesis is already not to be called only an academic new music ensemble: despite playing academic music, with their lively approach and belief in what they play, musicians reflect a vivid and present-resounding music image - music, which certainly can be interesting to a curious, random listener, accidentally coming to their concert.”

Maria Paszkiewicz, The Range of

Academic Music, 2016

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