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Directed by pianist Marta Finkelštein, the Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis has a growing reputation within the contemporary music world. The team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues. The ensemble’s vision goes beyond the sound into space, light, movement and narrative – anything that allows for professionally performed music to become a multidimensional creation and blur the lines between genres. The musicians within the group have finished their studies in leading music colleges throughout Europe; some are still in their studies. The ensemble collaborates with artists from different genres and constantly strives to cross the lines between different arts. Synaesthesis members were mentored by musicians of Ictus, Klangforum Wien, Quatour Tana, Chordos, and FortVio ensembles. Synaesthesis is an active performer on contemporary music scene and festivals in Lithuania, such as Gaida, Music Autumn, Music of Changes, DAR (Druskininkai Artists Residence) and Residency in Kintai. Making its first, but very secure steps into the international scene, Synaethesis participated in the International Summer Academy in Austria (ISA 2016 and 2017), where both times musicians were awarded the Just Composed Prize for the best performance of the premiered piece. Recently ensemble has been presenting their programs in Estonia, Slovakia, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Cyprus and due to the pandemic postponed their performances in New York, Moscow and Riga. In 2017, Synaesthesis received the Young Artist Award from Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, in 2018 was an ensemble in residence of Lithuanian Composers Union. Since autumn 2019, Synaesthesis has been honoured as Vilnius City Ensemble, a title given by Vilnius Municipality.


Get to know the personalities.
Arminas Bižys
Simonas Kaupinis
Dominykas Digimas
Composing, coordination
Andrius Rekašius
Arnas Kmieliauskas
Julius Aglinskas
Sound Engineer
Marta Finkelštein
Piano, Artistic director
Dainius Peseckas
Pranas Kentra
Electric Guitar

"Ensemble Synaesthesis is an ensemble built of young daring musicians wanting to do something new in the Lithuanian scene. It is a very noble move indeed, and the ensemble sure do have the energy to give it a bloody good shot."

Ben Lunn, Baltic Musical Gems, 2016

„<...> Synaesthesis is already not to be called only an academic new music ensemble: despite playing academic music, with their lively approach and belief in what they play, musicians reflect a vivid and present-resounding music image - music, which certainly can be interesting to a curious, random listener, accidentally coming to their concert.”

Maria Paszkiewicz, The Range of

Academic Music, 2016

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