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Artūras Kažimėkas was born in 1991 in Kaunas. In 2010 he moved to Vilnius, where he performs in various ensembles at many different performances and festivals. Artūras specialises in contemporary music of clarinet/bass clarinet.

Artūras graduated from Juozas Naujalis Music School in 2010. His first clarinet teacher was Vitalius Žemaitis. Later in 2010 Artūras began to study in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA). His clarinet class was taught by prof. Algirdas Budrys and later by prof. Julius Černius. Artūras earned his Bachelor‘s degree in 2014 and his Master‘s in 2016.

He performed various pieces of contemporary music for clarinet/bass clarinet: E. Denisov Sonata, D. Lang Press Release, S. Reich New York Counterpoint, K. Penderecki 3 miniatures, J. Widmann Fantasie and many more.

Since 2014, Artūras is the 1st clarinet of Lithuanian State Wind Orchestra Trimitas. He also performs with the clarinet quartet Bad Reed, participates in the projects of Lithuanian Youth Orchestra. Artūras holds prizes of Republic Juozas Pakalnis Woodwind Competition and the  International Chamber Music Competition Muzikinė akvarelė. Artūras was a TATA Summer Music Academy member, where he performed the Mozart Piano Quintet with Š. Kačionas, V. Kaliūnas, S. Einikis, V. Lukočius. Artūras participated in various master classes in Europe by R. Vigulf,  J. Jensen and others. 

Artūras is a member of Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis since 2013.

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