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      Baltic Sense

Baltic Sense

Until the 11th of March 1990, Lithuania among many occupied countries was a part of a single story of Soviet Union. Musicians and composers were living in the world of inflicted rules and suspicion, that did not leave space for experimentation and full expression of self. These conditions didn’t allow culture to follow the authentic path and created barriers to the creators. Despite all of this, composers in the occupied regions found musical language that would be imperceptible to the censorship, but recognisable and meaningful to the audiences. Generation of composers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was part of silent resilience that allowed to continue the process of forming national identity and cultural authenticity and finally lead to liberation. With the program ,,Baltic Sense”, Vilnius City Ensemble ,,Synaesthesis” is inviting audience to celebrate thirty years of freedom and listen to most prominent creators from Baltic Region - Arvo Pärt (Estonia), Pēteris Vasks (Latvia), Bronius Kutavičius and Ramūnas Motiekaitis (Lithunania). Music that marks the search, fight and celebration of Freedom.



Arvo Pärt- Fratres
Bronius Kutavičius - Clocks of the Past
Pēteris Vasks - Bass Trip
Ramūnas Motiekaitis - Katabasis


Diemantė Merkevičiūtė (violin)
Simas Tankevičius (violin)
Monika Kiknadzė (viola)
Elena Daunytė (cello)
Donatas Butkevičius (double bass)
Pranas Kentra (a. guitar) 
Marta Finkelštein (piano)
Karolis Variakojis (conductor)

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