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May 7th 2015

Culture Bar Kablys | Vilnius | Lithuania

He introduced me to the concept of not having to press ahead to create interest. Also he introduced me to the concept of marijuana and mescaline.

I used to experiment with it. I listened to wide- open landscapes, the harsh tones of drills and lathes, the wind moving over lake.

I moved to California because I fell in love. Sense of space, sense of time, sense of reverie, sense that things could take a long time, that there was always Time.

I set to work on instrumental piece that would unite all I had loved, tailoring the music to the

needs of instrument and desires of the moment.

West coast, Sierra Nevada.


V.Oškinis/fl ; A.Bižys/alto,bari sax. ; A.Kažimėkas/ ; J.Kunčius/trmb ; G.Slipkus/el.guit ; P.Kentra/el.guit. ; D.Merkevičiūtė/vln ; M.Kiknadzė/vla ; D.Digimas/vlc ; K.Variakojis/keys ; M.Finkelštein/pulse

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