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September 19th 2015

National Art Gallery | Vilnius | Lithuania

Musical project Charms of Entropy is a collaboration between artist group Slave Pianos, composer Anthony Pateras and ensemble Synaesthesis.

Maciunas' planned expedition through the world from Japan to Lithuania forms the compositional basis of Slave Pianos' latest show entitled Charms of Entropy. In his Caravan/Expedition to Circumvent the World, he proposed an itinerary focusing on architecture, theology, history and archaeology. Maciunas wanted the impossible to reveal the possible, but it remained an unrealized utopian art project in compromised economies of desire and fear.


Framed by two other geographical propositions, Martin Kippenberger's METRONet (a fictional intercontinental subway) and Erofeev's Moscow Stations (a semi-fictional, vodka-soaked autobiography of literary life on the Pietushki line), this tripartite voyage is explored in a 45 minute musical work for Vilnius' Ensemble Synaesthesis.


All musical materials for Charms of Entropy have been generated from geographical data contained within each text: the distance between cities transformed into musical sounds, durations, orchestration and movement. Composed into 3 simultaneous musical trajectories, 3 instrumental trios and quadraphonic electronics immerse the audience to create a 7-point carto-musical installation/performance of surround sound, text, performance and costume design. This is the superimposition of simultaneous impossibilities sonorized in musical space.


Anthony Pateras (b.1979) is an Australian composer, pianist and electro-acoustic musician based in Berlin. His work explores sound and its mutation through varying constellations of notation, improvisation, electronic and acoustic materials.


Slave Pianos work encompasses performances, collaborations, installations, exhibitions and large mixed-media/music theatre works. A parallel aspect of Slave Pianos' activity is the collection, analysis, performance and re-composition of sound work by visual artists. SLAVE PIANOS are composers Rohan Drape and Neil Kelly, and visual artists Danius Kesminas and Michael Stevenson.

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