> Dominykas Digimas


From the first year of his composition studies at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with Rytis Mažulis, Dominykas was very active in the field of academic contemporary music.


He is one of the leaders of the electronic and electro acoustic music festival Ahead and a concert organiser for the composition department in LMTA. In 2016, he became an organiser of the international contemporary music festival Druskomanija.

Interest in the Eastern culture, American minimalism and interdisciplinary arts is strongly reflected in his chamber, electronic and theatrical music. Composer’s works are influenced by ideas of literature and philosophy; therefore his pieces are musical expressions of emotions and thoughts.

The composer reveals his worldview revelations through intuition-led static soundscapes. For this creative aim to be reached, a close relation between the composition, performer and space is necessary, as well as personal ability of performer to acknowledge, experience the piece and spread its idea into space.

Since 2013 he is a curator and a performer in the Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis.