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> Dominykas Digimas
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Dominykas Digimas (b. 1993) is a composer of the youngest generation, actively participating in diverse projects. Soon after enrolling at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, next to pursuing composition, he presented himself as an event coordinator by part-taking in the creation and establishment of the contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis. 

From the very beginning in 2013 Dominykas was collaborating with the ensemble not only as a coordinator but creatively, too. During this time, he composed 8 pieces for Synaesthesis musicians. 

As Synaesthesis was growing as a band, Dominykas’s style and musical language formed alongside. His works can be described as introverted; they encourage self-assessment and submerge in a subjective reflection. A sense of unique, hovering melancholy, which he presents in slightly altered forms in his various works is also a characteristic of his music. It manifests itself in different ways: sometimes an accordion imitates the sounds of a traditional Japanese Shō and at times it is prompted by the solitary sound strolls through the city soundscapes. This emotional palette has been a part of the Dominykas’s voice since his first compositions and is felt in almost all of his works.

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