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Koncertas tėra žaidimas II

Concert Hall of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Free entrance
Brigitta Muntendorf – Shivers on Speed
Raphaël Cendo – Tract 
Fausto Romitelli – Professor Bad Trip: Lesson I  
Mirela Ivičević – Case Black 
The program focuses on instrumental expression in contemporaneity, where the sound environment is fragmented, synthesized, and distorted. Via compositions by Brigitta Muntendorf, Raphaël Cendo, Fausto Romitelli and Mirela Ivičević current sound reality invades the performers field of expression, demanding a new kind of virtuosity, balancing on the edge of impossibility; alternative methods of sound production that are reached through extended techniques, bodily sounds, and additional objects. Meanwhile, the formation of the interpretation balances between rhythmic dictatorship and expressive strokes of texture.


Vytenis Gurstis (flute), 

Artūras Kažimėkas (clarinet), 

Arminas Bižys (saxophone), 

Kamilė Kubiliūtė (violin), 

Monika Kiknadze (viola), 

Arnas Kmieliauskas (cello), 

Pranas Kentra (electric guitar), 

Joana Daunytė (harp), 

Marta Finkelštein (piano), 

Lukas Budzinauskas (percussion)

Conductor: Toby Thatcher


Marta Finkelštein

Sound Team
                             Dovydas Kiela
                             Roberto Becerra
Jurgis Jarašius
Light design
Paulius Varonenka
Darius Stoskeliūnas


Produced by: 

Supported by: 

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