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[ four electroacoustic suggestions ]

Monikaze – full of meaning


What are they even talking about? A word leaves one’s mouth and its meaning is transformed and intertwined with a mosaic of a hundred fragmented ideas. How absurd is the illusion of these two humans being able to understand each other? But is it absurd or is it just me, sitting on the corner of this street, watching them all drunk and happy as I suddenly realise that maybe I just feel left behind.

Fume - Mercury


−38.8290 °C / 356.73 °C

Jūra Elena Šedytė – Plan Sea


Sound fragments repeat themselves, they pull you in each time afresh and open up a different scene.

Thirst, the colour blue and sand.

Or perhaps this is just a psychedelic trip along the beach?

Andrius Šiurys - La Chambre Double | The Double Room


If you lay in your room – in silence, curtains shut – not hearing anything and scarcely seeing a thing, if you lay there long enough – several hours or several years – the things around you would gradually start looking different than they did at first. Perhaps you would begin to understand their true nature as you look past their materiality, or perhaps the opposite – you would no longer recognise the so-called obvious properties of the things. Whatever the case, you would begin to communicate with the things in your room; of course, they would, without a doubt, frequently contradict you, for they could not understand the change in your understanding of them; sometimes they would begin to smile at you, but you would no longer be able to grasp whether you are consciously dreaming, hallucinating in a waking state, or simply watching things that have lost their minds.


Text from Charles Baudelaire’s “La Chambre Double”. Read in the language of the original by Augustė Ona Šimulynaitė.


Artūras Kažimėkas (clarnet)

Arminas Bižys (saxophone)

Simonas Kaupinis (tuba)

Pranas Kentra (el. guitar)

Arnas Kmieliauskas (cello)

Monika Kiknadzė (viola)

Simas Tankevičius (violin)

Project curator – Marta Finkelštein

Sound engineer – Artūras Zujus

Project manager – Goda Pereckaitė

Designer – Greta Unguvaitytė

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