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      Taming the Air

Taming the Air


“Taming the Air” is an acoustic exploration of the wind instruments, based on different musical ideas, connecting into a continuous stream of sound. As the artists say - the performative aspect of the program is not important, the listeners can keep their eyes closed to be even more attentive to the sounds and let themselves be immersed into their own images.

Synaesthesis musicians Arminas Bižys (saxophone) and Simonas Kaupinis (tuba) developed and connected different musical ideas together with sound artists/composers: Arturas Bumšteinas, Dominykas Digimas and Simonas Nekrošius.


Arturas Bumšteinas
Dominykas Digimas
Simonas Nekrošius


Arminas Bižys (Saxophone)
Simonas Kaupinis (Tuba)

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