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     The Art of Metal

The Art of Metal



Contrabass clarinet - Artūras Kažimėkas

Vilnius city contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis presents the project THE ART OF METAL.


The concept of The Art of Metal is reflected in the title. It is a project dedicated to art born through the metal body of a double bass clarinet. The largest clarinet family instrument, still rarely seen on the Lithuanian stage, will show its capabilities in the hands of the artist Artūras Kažimėkas, through the most prominent compositions by foreign composers as well as through experimental compositions by Lithuanian composers that came about in cooperation with the musician. During this project, the instrument with unique timbre and a wide range of means of expression, worthy of the artists’ and public’s attention, will invite the audience to experience its features in a concentrated way, and composers, to fully utilize it in the context of Lithuanian music.


Artūras Kažimėkas, presenting the program of The Art of Metal, is one of the most prominent clarinetists in the contemporary Lithuanian music scene. As a member of Vilnius city contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis he has prepared and presented many programs in Lithuania and abroad (Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Cyprus, Austria, Holland) - Vortex Temporum (2016), Cool People Playing Strange Music (2017), Dreams of the Blind (2017), Waves (2019), Shivers (2019), Minimal Gravity (2018). Artūras pays special attention to the lower register bass and double bass instruments of the clarinet family, whose repertoire presentation and initiation occupy a big part in his overall activities.


The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Organizers of the project: Vilnius city contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis, public institution Šiuolaikinė ausis.

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