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Peter Andriaansz - Waves: 3, 11-13, 2, 5-7


Vytenis Gurstis (flute)
Artūras Kažimėkas (clarinet)
Arminas Bižys (saxophone)
Paulius Balčytis (trombone )
Pranas Kentra (e. guitar)
Diemantė Merkevičiūtė (violin)
Sigitas Gailius (percussion)
Marta Finkelštein (piano)
Julius Aglinskas (sound director )
Karolis Variakojis (musical direction)

A long-duration composition cycle Waves (2007–2008) for ensemble and sinewaves – created by a composer of American descent who lives in the Netherlands – Peter Adriaansz – is a musical exploration of existence that actualises the most important issues of the 21st century related to the perception of music, the nature of sound, and the flow of time. Slow musical material formed from elongated sounds seems to stop time; nevertheless, author’s skilful control of harmonic language elegantly forms unexpected contrasts between the sensations of movement and peace, endeavour and surrender. Waves material is significantly reduced but not poor; it soothes the mind but awakens amazement. According to the musicologist Bob Gilmore, Adriaansz’s work is like a musical exploration of eternal themes, such as time and infinity, as well as existence and non-existence where one feels the desire to purify the human ego from its excess.

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