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Contemporary music ensemble's Synaesthesis programme Posh Underground Workers is an energetic, versatile play of music and language. Folk songs, snippets from John Cage’s diary, or North American inmates’ rap – all of this can be heard in Julia Wolfe’s, Florent Ghys’, and Jacob TV’s works which conceptually blend the field of academic music expression and the contexts of urban culture. The concluding piece of the programme – Workers Union by Louis Andriessen – unveils the individual voice of each team member and also reveals the principle of successful ensemble playing encoded in the very idea of the piece: “individual freedom and rigorous discipline”.    


Florent Ghys - An Open Cage
Julia Wolfe - Reeling
Jacob TV - Grab it!
Louis Andriessen - Workers Union


Artūras Kažimėkas (clarinet)
Elena Daunytė (cello)
Pranas Kentra (e. guitar)
Donatas Butkevičius (double bass)
Andrius Rekašius (Percussion)
Marta Finkelštein (piano)
Karolis Variakojis (conductor)

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